KoolMax Technology

GST's KoolMax Technology represents the cutting edge in the artificial grass industry, especially designed for peak performance during the sweltering heat of summer. While traditional synthetic turf can become uncomfortably hot, turf equipped with KoolMax Technology remains approximately 15 degrees cooler, offering a more comfortable surface during hot weather. KoolMax is heralded as the next generation of artificial grass.

This innovation not only includes temperature control but also features Global Syn-Turf's unique W-blade design, which enhances the realistic appearance and feel of the grass. The W-blade shape is engineered to replicate the natural look and texture of real grass, and has been proven to stay significantly cooler—by 15 degrees—when tested in controlled environments by synthetic turf experts. This makes the KoolMax series especially ideal for areas exposed to intense sunlight.

Moreover, KoolMax artificial grass incorporates specific technologies to improve the overall user experience. It deflects sunlight to reduce heat buildup, enhances airflow to help cool the surface, and reduces sheen to eliminate the artificial, shiny look often associated with synthetic turf. With these advancements, the KoolMax series from Global Syn-Turf not only delivers superior cooling properties but also provides a lush, aesthetically pleasing lawn that enhances any space.